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SCARA Robots for Industry

The Selective Compliance Assembly Robot Arm (SCARA) is useful for operations that require rigidity for rotation in some selected axes while mobility for rotation in others. Our range of SCARA equipment includes the Sony SRX-611 model. Visit us for more used SCARA robots for your industry needs in our catalog.

Bosch turbo Scara SR60

Robot arm (without controller)

Epson src520ce control

Epson Scara Robot controller, AC200-240V, 50/60Hz, 3A

src520ce drive unit for scara robot ec351s

Epson RC180 control

New Epson controller for Scara Robot 

Ec351s scara

Epson 4 axis scara robot model EC351S - electromechanical arm

Micro PowerDrive RC180 controller

The EPSON Micro PowerDrive RC180 controller is an ultra compact, high performance robot controller that provides the ultimate experience in ease of use. Capable of controlling up to 6 axes, the Micro PowerDrive RC180 provides superior PowerDrive servo control for super smooth motion, fast accel/decel times, and fast cycle times. The RC180 can control Epson G-Series and RS-Series SCARA robots as well as Epson PS, S5 and C3 6-Axis robots. All of this and more, in an ultra compact package to help save valuable factory floor space at a value price.
The RC180 comes standard with our Industry Leading EPSON RC+ Controls software and lots of fully integrated options. As the Industry Leader in ease of use, EPSON RC+ wizards, point and click setup, Jog and Teach window, Integrated Debugger, Epson Smartsense and many other features help reduce overall development time as compared to competitive robot systems. In addition, options such as Vision Guidance, .NET support, EtherNet/IP, DeviceNet, Profibus and much more are fully integrated into the EPSON RC+ development environment to maximize performance and ease of use.
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