Trumpf Haas Laser Spare parts

Trumpf Beam switch with stepping motor and pilot laser ART No:22-29-33-00

Trumpf Protective switch for optics plate ART No:12-11-40-00

Trumpf Power measuring sensor LEM 12A/ HR with monitoring ART No:12-08-36-00

Trumpf Support LEM 12A/ HR ART No: 22-13-88-00

Trumpf Measuring adapter for LEM 12A/ HR No: 12-08-28-00

Trumpf Incoupling optics BKS ART No:22-21-36-00

Trumpf Connector receptacle incoupling optics BKS/ BAKS ART No:22-21-85-00

Trumpf Power supply HL 4006D ART No:05-19-40-00

Trumpf Mains distribution HL 4006D ART No: 05-19-41-00

Trumpf VMP1 ART No:18-21-20-00

Trumpf Blanking plate 4 TE ART No:05-06-14-15

Trumpf VMOD SPS-interface ART No: 18-06-94-00

Trumpf Protective switch for optics plate ART No: 12-11-40-00

Trumpf Absorber HL 4006D ART No: 17-07-10-00

Trumpf Hose TU 0604 BART No:16-20-66-11

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