Trumpf Haas Laser Spare parts

Trumpf Temperature monitoring rod fixture (TKS) ART No:18-06-68-00

Trumpf Left hand beam switch, with stepping motor ART No:22-13-72-00

HAAS Laser Board 18-08-26-LS v1.2

Trumpf Haas Laser Flashlamp 01-04-22-00

Trumpf Haas Laser Ion Exchanger Type R2

Trumpf Haas Laser Optik Sensor LLK-R 17-01-70-00

Trumpf Haas Laser Part 12-08-17-00/a

Trumpf Haas Laser Light Deliver Fiber LLK-B 04/10m, 22-11-46-00/d

Trumpf Haas Laser Cavity 124P, 10-10-52-00

Trumpf Haas LaserVision Glasses Art.Nr: 01.307.00

Laser Glasses with VLT: 65% and Colour: light grey

Trumpf Haas Laser Part 16-59-28-74

Trumpf Cavity with rod and TKS ART No:10-10-13-00

Trumpf Upper part of the cavity with adhesive labels ART No:10-11-58-00

Trumpf Lower part of the cavity with TKS ART No:11-01-53-00

Trumpf Haas Laser Cooling Interface Board 18-06-57-AH

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