Trumpf Haas Laser Spare parts

Trumpf Laser mirror HR-S ART No:11-04-06-27

Trumpf Laser mirror AR ART No:11-04-06-31

Trumpf Rubber washer ART No:11-10-21-06

Trumpf Glass tube ART No:11-01-09-12

Trumpf Glass tube lamp 7" ART No:11-06-23-30

Trumpf Reflector ART No:11-02-13-00

Trumpf Pressure spring VD-142AD ART No:16-20-66-32

Trumpf Piping set cooling plate ART No:11-08-52-00

Trumpf Left hand shutter, adjustable (cooled) ART No:22-13-76-00

Trumpf Shutter to the right, adjustable (cooled) ART No:22-13-10-00

Trumpf Piping set cooling plateART No:11-08-52-00

Trumpf Piping set ART No:11-08-51-00

Trumpf Cooling plate, short ART No:11-08-45-00

Trumpf Cooling plate, long ART No: 11-08-46-00

Trumpf Beam shielding ART No:10-10-56-00

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