Welding Twin Robots 2xEA1800N Nx100 With Positioner H Shape

Robot details

 Welding robotic cell, it includes: 

- Two x Robots Motoman EA1800N, 6 axis, 6 kg payload, 1807 mm horizontal arm reach and 0.08 mm accuracy in repeatability. Special design arc welding robot with hollow wrist to improve manouveranility.

- Two x Motoman NX100 controllers, one of them controlling 9 axis, six for the robot and three additional for the positioner

- One x Motoman 3 axis H shape RM positioner, with a payload of 500 kg. Two station with central horizontal servocontrolled rotary axis which automatically switches load and unload stations. On each station distance of 2000 mm between head and tailstock

- Two x Fronius TPS4000 Synergic power source, liquid cooled, 400 Amperes power

- Two x Fronius welding torches with anticolision, liquid cooled

- Two x torch cleaning station

Yaskawa Motoman NX100 controller.

Robot Applications:

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  • Motoma welding cell Ea1800
  • Used welding robots
  • Motoman Positioner H shape
  • Welding cleaning station
  • Used motoman for welding
  • Used fronius

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