Robôs Scara - Oferta Especial Sony SRX-611 Scara

Detalhes do robô

When it comes to accuracy and speed, Sony SRX-611 is simply outstanding. Its first and second arms are 350 mm and 250 mm respectively which total gives a 600 mm total reach and are able to achieve rotation of up to 360 degrees. Sony SRX-611 Scara will therefore meet the pick and place demands of industries such as electronic manufacturers, pharmaceuticals, and plastic and machinery construction.

Performance and speed relies on the payload, hence this is divided into 4.4lbs, 6.6lbs and 11lbs. At 4.4 lbs, the cycle time is 0.6 seconds per unit. At this weight, axes 1 and 2 cover up to 5200mm per second while the Z axis achieves an impressive 770mm per second. 

The device utilises Luna 5.11 controller and has repeatability of 0.01, 0.02 and 0.03 respectively depending on the payload (2kg/3kg/5kg). These features put Sony SRX-611 Scara way above others in its class.  

Aplicações robóticas

Robot Info:

  • Number of axis: 4
  • Maximum Load of Robot: 2/3/5Kg.
  • Maximum Reach: 600 mm.
  • Repeatability: 0,01/0,02/0,03 mm.
  • Controller: Luna 5.11

Robot Motion Speed:

  • Axis 1: 220º/seg
  • Axis 2: 150º/seg
  • Axis 3: 0º/seg
  • Axis 4: 360º/seg

Robot Applications:

  • Assembly of parts
  • Handling of small parts
  • Industrial fields: electronic, Special machinery, pharmaceutical, plastic, etc..
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