Are industrial robots safe for humans?

With the use of robotics and automation in work environments, robotic collaboration applications are changing the way of interacting in different business functions, allowing manufacturers and industrial operators to combine the evolution of robotic systems, such as power and repeatability of equipment with the versatility, adaptability and intelligence of humans. The result is a collaborative working

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Your Complete Guide to Robotic Welding

What is it? Robot welding is the use of mechanized programmable tools (robots), which completely automates a welding process by performing the weld and handling the part. The process is ideal for situations where a large number of welds are repeated and that need to be performed quickly, such as an automotive assembly plant.

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Industrial Robots are the Light of the Future

Over time humans have adapted to the different changes that have taken place. Let’s talk more specifically about the industrial revolution, starting with the steam engine that used mechanization, followed by mass production and electricity, then the third revolution that gave rise to all things digital, electronic and IT related that brought us to the

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