Robots deployed to carry out work in a factory


Logistics are an essential part of the development process of any company. A large part of customers’ trust in the company or supplier depends on whether the products arrive on time. This can be achieved with good logistical planning, which reduces costs and promotes effective and timely decision making. Research has shown that industrial robots

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From cutting costs to promoting efficiency, there are several ways we can improve our way of working. Flexible solutions make our jobs easier. One such solution is the invention of robots which represents the next automation scenario. They have the potential to replace human workers in repetitive and dangerous jobs while carrying out work efficiently.

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Symbols showing computer language

Robotic Automation and Flexibility in Production Lines

In today’s production lines, industrial robots have become an indispensable part of the process.  From simplifying production tasks during development to allowing us flexibility in different industries, they’re making our work easier. In industrial automation, the flexible manufacturing concept is widely used. It’s also important as it saves us time and money. It has always

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robots working in a factory


In addition to offering flexibility and versatility in movement paths, industrial robots have been designed to collaborate with operators in dangerous and routine tasks. The robots were created to carry out many automated tasks and adapt to different changes for our safety. FANUC, one of the leaders in automation, has invested a lot of energy

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Industrial Robot packed in a box

Types of Industrial Robots You Should Know About

The rapid technological advancements have manufacturers using industrial robots to boost efficiency, automate tasks and increase overall production. Moreover, their ability to work in dangerous environments, without taking breaks has made industrial robots more popular. In fact, research shows that between 2020 and 2022, almost 2 million additional industrial robots will be installed.  Industrial robots

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Engineers using a robot programming software

ABB’S RobotStudio Offers a New Precision Feature for Calculating Robot Braking Distances to Optimize Safety

The new stopping distance function included in ABB’s RobotStudio offline programming and simulation software aims to accurately simulate the stopping distance of the robot in real time.  The Need for a New Precision Feature By accurately calculating the robot’s stopping distance, this feature overcomes the need to increase the margin of safety in cell design,

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Two women working with vegetables in a factory

FANUC DR-3iB/8L Pick and Place Versatility

The new robot from the FANUC DR-3iB/8L series is based on the classic parallel link design. A new generation of delta robots has been specifically designed to maximize speed and versatility in sorting and packaging applications, in operational areas in the food line. New Design Features The DR-3iB/8L has a payload of 8 kg, a

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A robot manufactured by KUKA

KUKA Robots a New Alternative to Traditional CyberKnife® Radiotherapy

The KUKA company, since the development of its Medical Robotics department, has focused on presenting products that benefit professionals in the medical sector and their patients, working in collaboration with medical manufacturers. The intelligent automation solutions that KUKA provides guarantee quality and innovation. with robotic systems precisely customized to meet the current requirements of the

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