Industrial Robots and Flexible Robotic Systems

Industrial robots are innovative instruments used to achieve regular and operational objectives in a safe, accurate and efficient way; through the development of flexible robotic systems that are based on the development and integration of robotic applications, where the production line processes are reconfigured or innovated, thus reducing cycle times and increasing productivity speed.


The industrial robotics market has represented a significant technological development for the industrial sector. Currently, companies are increasingly automating themselves, gaining a competitive advantage in the market, presenting maximum efficiency in production processes, optimizing time, improving the capabilities of their operators, the quality of the final product, and complying with the different requirements requested by

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History of Robotics in the Automotive Industry

From industrial use to space, robots have come a long way. With their high precision, endurance and speed, robots are now a big part of the future. What is even more interesting to note is the timeline that follows this process. The incredible jumps from one breakthrough to another are something to be appreciated.

How Do Welding Robots Improve Automotive Parts?

According to OSHA; Welding, cutting, and brazing are hazardous activities which pose a unique combination of both safety and health risks to over 500,000 workers in a wide variety of industries. The risk from fatal injuries alone is more than four deaths per thousand workers over a working lifetime.