Monthly Archives: March 2016

Six Axis Robots: Getting to know the Axes

Industrial robots are manufactured with six axis configurations. These are also known as ‘six degrees of freedom’. Robots with six axis feature great flexibility and perform with a wider variety of applications as compared to robots with fewer axes. Before you automate your business, learn about the different types of axis and its functions, here:

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Robotic Welding vs. Manual Welding

Fusing two materials through heating, intermixing cooling, and then using a filler to form a strong joint, is what welding is all about. Whether you’re operating a car manufacturing industry or producing power generating equipments, welding is the core function that has to be done right. There are a few businesses that still prefer manual

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How Can Robots Enhance Lean Operation?

In 2015, worldwide robot sales increased by more than 15% compared to 2014. The Robotic Industries Association revealed that 2015 set new records, with 14 percent increase in units and 11 percent in dollars over 2014. These statistics bear witness to how robots have changed the face of technological industries. With automation, many companies have

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