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A large part of companies around the world are working on new technology developments to meet every challenge that industrial processes pose and to continue participating in the global market while maintaining their efficiency and competitiveness. It’s important to invest in innovation in order to remain in the market, especially in the foundry process, which

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We currently find many companies interested in introducing automation into their industrial processes, but they are worried about the cost of incorporating the installation, digitization and programming of a robotic system. In various industries, the use of industrial robots has increased compared to common tools in applications such as welding, handling, assembly, pick-and-place, milling and

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The current growth of technology has allowed us to create a cooperative alliance between robots and humans, covering a wide range of services and needs to satisfy the client and remain present in the global market. Industrial robots have already entered this era, proving to be useful tools in different processes. The new generation of

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Quality control is among the high expectations that many clients have when implementing automation for heavy applications. Managing a company’s quality control is synonymous with optimal efficiency and cost savings, staying competitive in the market is just one of reasons that justify making the investment in robotic quality control technology. Replacing manual revisions can achieve

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Automation With An Ecological Impact

Smart factories also contribute to sustainability by offering efficiency, profitability, safety and effectiveness, designing factories with environments that are more beneficial to the health of both customers and their workers. Causing the least impact on the environment thanks to the use of IoT, data analysis, robotics, RPA practices and artificial intelligence/machine learning, etc.

Top 3 Medical Robots That Are Changing the World of Healthcare

Studies show that the medical robots market is predicted to generate approximately USD 24.6 billion by 2025. A key component of this growth is the large amount of investments made in medical robot related research. There’s also growing demands for the application of robots in minimally invasive surgeries, particularly for laparoscopic and orthopedic procedures.