Monthly Archives: April 2016

Economies Leading The Robotics Revolution

With more industries opting for robotic use in order to increase their productivity, the competition amongst companies within an industry has increased tenfold. A large number of industries are opting to buy used robots to make their business cost effective as well as highly efficient.

Emerging Trends in the World of Industrial Robotics

Time has seen robots transition from being extremely expensive machines with limited spectrum functioning capacity to being flexible when it comes to efficiency and functionality. It is difficult to predict the future; but if one thing is certain; robots are going to be a vital part of industries’ operational efficiency.

Trends Affecting Safety in Workplace

Safety is categorized as a chief concern for businesses all over the world. The ratio of non-fatal injuries at work has been so high that it resulted in prolonged absence from work in many industries. According to statistics, the rate of occupational injuries in the year 2014 was recorded to be 107 per 10,000 workers,

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