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Controlling and coordinating several robots in a production line in which the product is transported on conveyor belts requires advanced technology.

The solution is presented to us by Kuka Robotics with the specialized software program KUKA.PickControl. Its objective is to coordinate and synchronize the picking and packing operations involving various robots. It guarantees a series of fast and efficient outputs.

Flexible manufacturing technologies are in high demand today. The KUKA.PickControl robot program can be adapted to various processes and developments.

How KUKA.PickControl Works 

You can pre-configure any variety of different configuration patterns and then use the user interface to choose the one you currently want.

You will achieve optimal throughput rates for your products through material flow modeling for device design. Using a material flow simulation, KUKA precisely aligns robots, workpieces, conveyor speed, and robot speed.

It also allows you to use your own image processing systems with a programming interface, which means that you can work with 3D systems or custom solutions. For example, with KUKA.PickControl, you can monitor the data and statistics of the running machine, identify errors and optimize the system. 

You can also cope with production peaks by distributing activities across multiple robots in this way.

How Kuka.VisionTech Works 

Robot standing in a factory
With KUKA.VisionTech, robots can operate in unstructured environments. Fine-tuning of the system can also be done easily. Changes made with a programmable logic controller (PLC) are added directly to the operating machine, saving you time.

The Kuka.VisionTech has a high-quality camera with IP 67 housing. It also has object recognition that allows robots to work in an unsupervised environment. Moreover, the code recognition feature allows the product to trace easily and quickly. It also reduces costs. 

If an industry opts for KUKA.VisionTech, they’ll need to install a Robot Controller C4. KUKA requires a system software of version 8.3X to function efficiently without any breaks. 

It comes with an app. The app addresses the needs of the transportation and consumer goods industries but is accessible to other industries as well.

If you’re looking for robot parts on sale, contact us today. We offer used Kuka robots at affordable rates. If you have any questions, just drop us a message and we’ll get back to you! 

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