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Different Types of Industrial Robots

An industrial robot refers to the robot arm used in a factory for manufacturing purposes. With a number of industrial robots available, they can be classified according to various criteria such as types of movements, manufacturing process and architecture. Let’s take a look at the different types of industrial robots available:

Industries That Use Robots The Most

For a number of people, the idea of robots in use seems like science fiction. However, in reality, a wide range of businesses rely on robots to perform basic tasks that are either too dangerous or time consuming for the humans to perform. These industries are well known utilizing robots: Marketing High-tech companies are well

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Five Challenges of Robotic Welding Program

Robotic welding programming is a complex task. Robotic welding applications have been profitable for large manufacturers due to increased productivity, but medium sized businesses are finding it hard to incorporate these robots in their business due to various challenges that are associated with programming.

Robot Parts: Know Your Robot

You’ve been utilizing robots in your factory; you are reaping the benefits in shape of better profitability and cost and time savings, but how well do you know the technology? Most people do not familiarize themselves with their robots. This post is aimed at providing you with the basic knowledge of robotic parts. Knowing robots

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Industrial Robots 101: the Robot Basics

For a person who is unfamiliar with industrial robots, it may take a long while to get a keen understanding of how to differentiate between different types. Industrial robots come in several different shapes and sizes. They vary in function, make, and configurations. To get the basic understanding of industrial robots, we have classified them

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