New Vs. Used: Which Industrial Robot Should You Buy

Purchasing robots for your production or warehouse facility is no easy feat. There are many considerations that need to be factored in before making any purchase decisions. Although things like initial cost and installation costs play a pivotal role in decision making, managers also tend to consider utility, available space and the cost-benefit analysis reports before giving a green signal for the transaction. Another crucial decision most managers face when considering robot purchases is to buy a new one, or opt for a used robot. The things to consider in this situation include:

Used Robots:

The Financial Advantage

Investing in a used robot decreases initial costs by a considerable margin. A company can end up saving a huge sum of money – used robots cost a fraction of the price of a new one, and are equally reliable and long lasting.

Great for Replacement

Along with the savings in terms of money, used robots are also a preferred choice for companies looking to replace robots they already use, with similar models. In this case, they are not looking for expensive, new technology to incorporate into their incumbent assembly lines. Buying similar used robot models allows them faster training and installation.


This aspect of used robots depends on the quality of refurbishment. When opting for used robots, it is imperative that companies make purchases from names that are renowned and dependable. Used Robots Trade refurbishes used robots to perfection. Our robots pass through stringent quality tests and inspections to make sure that each refurbished robot is reconditioned to perform reliably for longer time periods.

Robotic Parts and After Sales Service

This is crucial! When buying a used robot, one must consider the availability of its parts, and the services needed to keep it running smoothly. Choosing a reconditioned robot that does not have its parts readily available is a nail you do not want to hammer in your coffin.

New Robots:

The Cost

New robots are generally and rightfully more expensive than the used. However, as automation is becoming increasingly mainstream prices have began to lower. In addition to that, buying a new robot means you will have to access the new parts directly from the manufacturers. Considering the significantly high prices of new robots, they become a fair limitation for business ventures with restricted funds.

New Robot, New Controller

New robots mean the controller they are equipped with are more sophisticated. Companies looking for increased programming facility, better navigability, and efficient training options should always consider investing in new robots.

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