KUKA manufactures a diverse portfolio of parts, some of which are created in comparatively low volumes, but require fixation, change in integrity, or assembly. The mainstay of the inaudible welding method used by the company until now has been the Telsonic HandyStar ultrasonic units.

Let’s get to know more about this cutting-edge technology.

Light Weight

These easy and lightweight thirty-five kHz systems are widely used by Linecross for many years for beading, fascinating, and plastics welding operations. They’re quite popular in the production of automotive internal and external components. Although they are extremely reliable and flexible, ultimately, productivity and weld consistency are determined by the operator who handles the hand units.


It’s a proven journal of an inaudible method, and can increase the use of technology for fastening and joining applications. It can also jointly create an optimum movement for automating welding operations.

The newly installed ultrasonic welding production system uses a 6-axis Kuka robot, which operates between twin workstations with intelligent part clamping. It allows different types of part elements to be processed at the same time as they are loaded and downloaded. The robot-mounted system incorporates closed, cold-air cooling to allow repetitive welding on composites. It also ensures a high amplitude of ultrasound during processing.

Advantages of Using Telsonic HandyStar Ultrasonic units

Automating this method will lead to better repetitive positioning and enhanced orientation of the sonotrode for welding each component. This, together with the consistency of the inaudible process, can also ensure that the mechanism doesn’t lose a weld, sustains quality, and remains consistent.

Telsonic has accurate data on Linecross products, materials, and fastening parameters. As a result, it can lead to a long-lasting operating relationship with the cluster spanning totally different projects. Telsonic kingdom offers a good variety of ultrasonic modules and systems for a number of interval welding, cutting, sealing, and cutting. It also diversifies the applications of plastics and metals in various industries.

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