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The FANUC CRX robot is a versatile and easy-to-operate solution to a number of tasks, including palletizing, packaging, machine maintenance, and more. FANUC products are known for their exceptional performance, and the CRX cooperation mechanism is no exception. The CRX robot will help get people on board safely thanks to the intrinsic sensors on each axis.

In addition, the CRX can run for eight years without the need for maintenance, which is truly a game-changer for companies looking to lower prices and increase productivity.

Interactive programming, which allows users to display points using manual steering or a new pill interface with drag and drop symbols, is another great feature of the CRX. The CRX robot is compatible with several of FANUC’s sophisticated options, as well as iRVision, and could be ideal for any application where cooperative mechanisms help consumers deliver items faster.

Scara Robot Demonstrations

The SR-3iA, SR-6iA, SR-12iA, and the new SR-20iA have been added to FANUC’s family of 4-axis SCARA robots, with payload capacities of 3kg, 6kg, 12kg, and 20kg, with reach ranges of 400 mm. at 1100 mm, respectively. FANUC SCARA robots are designed to help customers increase productivity in various industries, including consumer electronics, automotive components, plastics, food and beverage, science lab automation, household appliances, and medical device manufacturing.

The small SCARA SR-3iA and SR-6iA have a compact size and a space-saving design for optimal efficiency. Additionally, the SR-3iA / H and SR-6iA / H are 3-axis variants that offer robust performance and a reasonable difference from small linear slide products. The higher payload SR-12iA and SR-20iA provide flexibility with a large vertical stroke and environmental capability for the harshest conditions. All FANUC SCARA mechanisms incorporate superior robotic movement, high-speed operation, and supreme precision.

Powered by the compact and R-30iB controller, FANUC SCARA mechanisms feature the same intelligence and reliability found on the market in all FANUC robots, as well as built-in iRVision, conveyor chasing, and most other applications. Different computer code options. FANUC’s latest SCARA iRProgrammer makes it easy to set up and program the robot on a pill or laptop.

Fair attendees can have the opportunity to see 2 SCARA demos at ATX West. First of all, the new FANUC SR-20iA will choose and transfer fully assembled car batteries between two trays.

Mounting Medical Devices, Including The Fanuc Lr Mate 200id Mechanism

Ideal for cleanroom and food environments, the FANUC LR Mate 200iD / 7C Mechanism can assemble small electronic medical devices. First, the robot uses iRVision to choose the premium plastic covers and attach them to the rock bottom housing within the mounting fixture. A FANUC FS-15iA force device mounted on the robot pushes and pulls the assembly as quality control. Once the devices are assembled, the elements are disassembled, and the method is repeated.

Additive Production

The factory automation division will present an additive manufacturing demonstration. Additive manufacturing, also known as 3D printing, has been gaining quality in industrial production to form prototypes, Associated Nursing tooling, end-use production parts. Applications, as well as medical implants and regional parts, are growing as new hybrid machine tools mix additive manufacturing with CNC machining. The new demo highlights FANUC’s capabilities during this burgeoning market by incorporating a 3-axis machine equipped with a four-extruder head into a plastic 3D printer.

Digital Servo Adapter

The FANUC Model B Digital Servo Adapter demo demonstrates the ability of this motion control to modify the mix of a FANUC servo system with an existing third-party controller. Visitors to the booth can view 2 3-axis gantries using FANUC servos controlled by Omron PLC via EtherCAT to load mini 3D printed models of FANUC ROBODRILLS.


US businesses can easily increase productivity, reliability, and profitability thanks to FANUC’s cutting-edge technology and established expertise.

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