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Studios Jason Bruges offers unique visuals and performances based on various sports, including swimming, shooting, sprinting, and skating.

ABB industrial robots that once worked in a BMW factory have been repurposed as main elements of a new work of art inspired by the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics. The large-scale installation, created by London-based firm Jason Bruges, is currently on display at Ueno Park in Tokyo as part of the special humanities and culture competition.

The Constant Gardeners is a team of four industrial arms from ABB manufacturer, each of which is a unit of weight installed on linear tracks, they will carefully rake a gravel canvas to draw the dynamic and authentic models. Fourteen tons of crushed black basalt is surrounded by four tons of silver-gray granite in the large-scale artwork.

According to the Jason Bruges study, the installation was influenced by traditional Japanese Zen farming and was seen as a strategy to counter the notion of robots as scary and inelegant: “By programming robots to play the role of Zen gardeners, we hope to challenge these notions showing the machines in a contemplative and elegant context. “

During the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games, “The Constant Gardeners” will collaborate to create around 150 unique images in a series of daily performances. Some of the performances will represent the progression of an event over time, while others will focus on a single exceptional movement or sporting moment.

The movements that competitors perform in Olympic and Paralympic sports reinforce the patterns drawn by the robots, and the proprietary software generates updated performance every day. According to the organizers, the facility can develop recent performative drawings based on the actions that happen on that specific day, from swimming to shooting, running to skateboarding.

“We are delighted to present The Constant Gardeners in Tokyo,” says Jason Bruges, Creative Director and Founder of Jason Bruges Studio. We intend to demonstrate how cutting-edge technology can be employed in storytelling by building new paradigms in robotics and performing arts, providing Tokyo audiences with an accessible and meaningful experience while showcasing the enormous capabilities and accomplishments of their athletes “.

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