Other Robots Staubli RX170B High Precision control CS8

Robot details

The Staubli Rx170B HP is for medium pay load application. It has six axes and 1835 mm arm which comfortably bear payload of up to 30 kg with 0.04 mm repeatability.

The equipment utilises CS8 controller which is very flexible. Communications with other systems is made possible using Ethernet, field bus, digital input/ output and serial connections. All connection points are provided on front panel to ease accessibility. The open architecture can also easily be installed anywhere.

The device is protected by IP54 for enhanced durability, has 64 MB random access memory and provision for flash disk storage. It uses VAL 3 (multi task interpreted language) and PLC-IEC 61131-3 languages which are easy to interpret. This is the right machine for assembly of parts, polishing, handling and machining.     

Robot applications

General technical specifications

    * Payload: 30 Kg
    * Max. arm reach: 1835 mm
    * Accuracy in repetition: 0,04 mm
    * Control: CS8

Robot Motion Speed

    * Axis 1: 155º/s
    * Axis 2: 130º/s
    * Axis 3: 205º/s
    * Axis 4: 237º/s
    * Axis 5: 243º/s
    * Axis 6: 562º/s

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