Motoman Spare parts

Motoman Power supply XPU04-2 ( UP130, UP165, UP200 ) art. No: 34718082

Motoman servomotor axis R SGMGH-13A2A-YR23

Motoman servomotor axis B and T SGMGH-13A2A-YR13

Motoman Servo control power supply JUSP-RCP01AAB

Motoman Power supply unit SZRCR-XRC04

Motoman CPU-rack JZNC-XRK01

Motoman CPU-rack JZNC-XRK01

Motoman Reductor Gear up130 HW9381442-A

Motoman servomotor axis L and U SGMGH-44A2A-YR13

Motoman servomotor axis S SGMDH-45A2B-YR14

Motoman Servocontroller JZRCR-XSU02

Motoman Welding control board JANCD-XEW01-1 Art No:9051130

Motoman SERVO control JASP-WRCA01 Art. No: 9052212

Motoman Speed CONTROL JANCD-XFC01 Art. No: 9052213

Motoman Power Supply JUSP-RCP001 AAB Art.No: 9052221

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