KUKA Spare Parts for Robots

Kuka Robotics Spare Parts

We have a range of parts manufactured by Kuka, a German manufacturer of factory automation systems with over a century of experience. Our high quality spare parts include a huge variety of PCBs including LPD devices, gateways, teach pendants, servo drives, safety boards and numerous Kuka spare parts.

Graphic board for KRC1 cabinet

Power module PM6-600

KUKA Power module PM6-600 fully tested and revised!


KRC1 teach pendant

KUKA Teach pendant fully tested and revised! Ready for immediate shipment

Hard disk 4.1.4 soft

KUKA KR C1 Safety Board VFE201, A.Nr: 69-001-125

Kuka Safety Board suitable for C1 Control

LPD Device net Dual-Channel

Hand ZH125/150 for KUKA KR125/KR150

Interbus board - fiber optic

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