KUKA Spare parts

KUKA KRC2ED05 CAN I/O + 6-slot rack with MPT, ART NO:00-115-539

KUKA KRC2ED05 Isolating transformer 11/13kVA 380/400/440-400/230, ART NO: 00-111-255

KUKA KRC2ED05 HÄWA cooling unit with large external fan, ART NO:00-121-991

KUKA KRC2ED05 Cable W42037, voltage supply X11-A1: X12, ART NO:00-107-204

KUKA KRC2ED05 Power supply 40 A PH1003-2840, ART NO:00-109-802

KUKA KRC2ED05 Power supply 30 A PH803-2830, ART NO:00-110-699

KUKA KRC2ED05 Cable - intermediate circuit A 7+8, ART NO:00-120-538

KUKA KRC2ED05 Cable W42081, IBS connection N6-N7 ART NO:00-108-661

KUKA KRC2ED05 SBM2 for external axes 7/8, size 1, ART NO:00-121-032

KUKA KRC2ED05 Isolating transformer 7.3/8kVA380/400/440-400/230, ART NO:00-111-256

KUKA KRC2ED05 Isolating transformer 11/13kVA 360/380/400-400+230, ART NO:00-116-673

KUKA KRC2ED05 Interbus ST 24 BK-T Interbus bus terminal, ART NO:00-109-022

KUKA KRC2ED05 IB ST 24 DI 32/2 digital input module, ART NO:00-109-021

KUKA KRC2ED05 IB ST 24 BDO 32/2 digital output module, ART NO:00-109-026

KUKA KRC2ED05 DeviceNet DF-CM-CAN-DN-PS LC, ART NO:00-115-389

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