Fanuc Spare parts

R2000iA-165F mechanical unit a05b-1324-b203

6 axis robot - electromechanical unit R2000iA-165F with a payload of 165 kg and a horizontal arm reach of 2650 mm

Fanuc BOARD FOR RJ3 A16B-2203-019/01A

Fanuc BOARD FOR RJ3 A16B-3200-0412/03A

Fanuc BOARD FOR RJ3 A16B-2000-006

Fanuc BOARD FOR RJ3 A20B-2100-077

Fanuc BOARD FOR RJ3 A16B-3200-044

FANUC MOTOR SEAL J1 A398L-0004-0771#A12TP


FANUC WRIST UNIT R2000iA 165F 200F A290-7324-T503

FANUC BALANCER R-200iA 165F 200F A290-7324-V301

FANUC J6 REDUCER A97L-0218-0251#80E

FANUC J6 REDUCER A97L-0218-0283#40E

FANUC J5 REDUCER A97L-0218-0282#70F

FANUC J4 REDUCER A97L-0218-0281#70F

Fanuc BOARD FOR RJ3 A05B-2400-C061

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