Welding Machines for Robots Spare parts


MILLER Auto-Axcess 450 Arc Welding Machine

Miller Auto-Axcess 450 Robotic Interface Inverter Welding Power Source, 190-639V Autoline with RMD Software




-Input Power: 3-Phase


-Rated Output: 450 A at 44 VDC, 100% duty cycle


-Output Power Range: 10 - 44 V


-Weight: 73.9 kg

Fronius Robacta TC 1000 torch cleaning station

This is a new system component for cleaning the gas nozzle. Normally, this is done mechanically: The torch, together with the gas nozzle, is clamped in place and the spatter is removed by miller cutters.   The high-grade surface of the gas nozzle is always damaged by this; it simply can’t be avoided. Now Fronius offer a cleaning facility that is still truly unique – where the gas nozzle is cleaned completely touchlessly using an electromagnetic process. The torch is first immersed in a parting agent, and then the spatter is removed with the aid of electromagnetic pulses. Gently and cleanly.  

TBi JetStream automatic torch cleaning station

The TBi JetStream is an innovative cleaning station for MIG/MAG (GMAW) robot welding torches. The perfect cleaning results allow for a significant increase in production efficiency.

The main advantages:

  • For single-wire and Tandem torches
  • Thorough cleaning of all important areas
  • Constant seam quality
  • Increased life of the consumables

SERRA Welding Machine with Serratron 300 Weld Timer

Part No: KS 502 680

Böllhoff Self-Pierce Riveting Machine, A. Nr: 5500.290.458.6

The self-pierce riveting is a process for a high strength mechanical joining of similar or combinations of materials whereby several layers can be joined without problem.


Böllhoff Self-Pierce Riveting Machine comes with:

- Riveting Tool: A.Nr: 9525.080.632.6

- Rivet Feeder: A.Nr: 9525.070.092.6


Fabrication Date: 2001

Welding Pliers used on Kawasaki ZX165U B

TOYOTA Inwerter Welding Transformer

Type: W-TT-AI11/C

Model: HFGT-110P-UL(4D)


- Rated Input Voltage:  700V

- Rated Frequency:  1 kHz

- Secondary No-Load Voltage:  13,7 V

- Turn Ratio:  51

- Max. Secondary Current:  18 kA

- Max. Duty:  10%

- Insulation Class:  F

- Cooling Water:  5 l/min

- Weight:  29 kg

- Fabrication Date:  2005


Gun Assy


- Type: XM31LK/LEM/B01

- Head No: A259/A258

- Fabrication Date:  06.11.9

FRONIUS ROB VR 1500 Robot Wire Feeder

Wire speed from 0,5 up to 22 m/min

MILLER Deltaweld 602 Welding Machine

The Deltaweld Series is a family of industrial three-phase constant voltage DC power sources offering three models in a range from 300-850amps. Their rugged and reliable design provides excellent arc characteristics and power effiency savings. Features include "fan on demand", digital volt/ammeters and pre-settable voltage.




- Input Power:  3-Phase


- Rated Output:  450A at 38V,100% Duty Cycle and 590A @ 60% Duty Cycle


- Weight:  174 kg

Bernard 300 Amp Torch ACR30060C8CM, Part Nr: 1013881

Welding Torch with 22.5° Neck

Bernard 300 Amp Torch ACR30060B8EM, Part Nr: 1013881

Welding Torch with 45° Neck

Thermal Arc ULTIMA 150 Plasma Welding System

The Ultima 150 is priced competitively with automated TIG systems. Plasma welding is measurably the lower cost process with savings gained through increased productivity, reduced scrap, reduced down time and fewer electrode changes.



Plasma Arc Welding. Applications: Aircraft / Airframe. Boat marine. Thin gauge aluminum. Small fabrication shops.

Features: 0.5 - 15 and 5 - 150 Amp Current Range (Providing quality performance on a wide variety of applications). Smooth DC Arc (Repetitive, high quality welds). Pilot Arc (Repeatable arc starting reducing defects and rework). Multiple Voltage Input (260 - 460 VAC, 1 or 3 Phase, 50/60 Hz.,575 VAC with Optional Module). Smart Logic (Circuit protects unit from damage if improper voltage is applied). Current Limiter (Limits power source output to torch capability to avoid torch damage). Preview Set Current (Eliminates costly test set-ups/displays actual current/voltage). Protection Devices. Coolant de-ionizer and ionized coolant protection. Coolant flow protection/interlock. Coolant temperature protection/interlock. Console temperature overload detection/interlock. Simple Interface (Automated or Manual control). Can utilize a number of current Thermal Arc Torches.


Thermal Arc ULTIMA 150 comes with PLASMABRAZE  UNIT.

FRONIUS Remote Control RCU 5000i

Remote control unit with full text display, welding data monitoring with Q master function, simple operation, systematic menu structure, user maintenance.

RCU 5000i is suitable for TransPuls 4000 / 5000 and TransPuls Synergic 2700 / 4000 / 5000

PANASONIC PanaStar RF II - 350 Welding Source YD-350RF2YHD

Panasonic 350 A Welding Source

MILLER Deltaweld 452 Welding Machine

The Miller Deltaweld® 452 delivers a potent 450 amps of welding output at 100% duty cycle. Proven design, rugged construction and improved components offer durability and exceptional welding performance. And that translates into production efficiency and profitability.




-Input Power:  3-Phase


-Rated Output:  450 A at 38 VDC, 100% Duty Cycle


-Recommended Welding Range:  CV mode: 15 - 38 V


-Processes:   - MIG (GMAW)

                      - Flux Cored (FCAW)

                      - Air Carbon Arc (CAC-A) Cutting and Gouging


-Weight:  174 kg

DENGENSHA Stationary Type Spot Welding Machine, Model: NDX-35-46



-Rated Capacity:  41kVA , 50% Duty Cycle


-Rated Frequency:  60 Hz


-Primary Voltage:  480 V


-Rated max. Input:  148 kVA , 3.9%  Allowabile Duty Cycle


-Water Quantity:  8 l/min


-Air Pressure:  0.5 MPa


-Weight:  270 kg


-Fabrication Date:  Feb. 2008

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