ABB IRB 1200 M2004 5/0.90

Robot details

The IRB 1200 is designed 15% smaller and 10% shorter cycles which makes it faster has two variables, payload variant of 5 kg and reach 900 mm and payload variant 5 kg And range 900 mm, suitable for a variety of applications, IP40 protection as standard; Cleanroom, IP67 with options available Foundry Plus 2, is adaptable at any angle and offers a large work area usable on a compact surface. Equipped with the latest IRC5 controller.

Robot applications

Main features
Variants 1/IRB 1200-5/0.9    
Maximum Load of Robot: 5 kg  
  Maximum Reach: 900 mm
Repeatability: 0.02 mm  
Controller: IRC5 Compact / IRC5 Single cabinet  


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