ABB IRB 8700

Robot details

The IRB 8700 represents the pinnacle of ABB's eighth-generation robotics, delivering unparalleled handling capabilities with steadfast reliability and safety. Its streamlined design is characterized by a reduction in components, featuring a single motor and gear for each axis. This innovation, coupled with an optimized counterweight and parallel linkages, ensures rigid axes that minimize cycle times. The result is a robot that operates with high precision, offering a 25% increase in speed, seamlessly adapting to the manipulation of heavy and sizable objects. Additionally, the IRB 8700 comes equipped with ABB's Foundry Plus2—the standard in protective measures.

Main specifications 

Robot version IRB 8700- 800/3.50 IRB 8700- 550/4.20
Maximum Load of Robot 800 kg (The load is up to 1000 kg while the wrist is down.)  550 kg
Maximum reach 3500 mm 4200 mm
Number of axis 6 6
Position repeatability RP 0.05 mm 0.08 mm
Path repeatability RT 0.07 mm 0.14 mm
Controller IRC5 Single cabinet IRC5 Single cabinet
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