ABB IRB5400-02

Robot details

The ABB 5400 Paint robot is a machine fitted with closed circular regulators and speedy control for painting and airflow adjustments. This leads to reduced overspray and securing a standardized layer put up. The ABB IRB 5400 is build to put forward accurate painting, high quality finishes. The robot utilizes low amounts of paint with short and few rotation times. It is made up of an electric motor and can be mounted on the rail and hence offering minimal disturbance of booth air flow.

It comes with a thin arm with flexible hollow-shaped wrist and powerful body parts and moving structures. The robot is designed with a large working range and high weight capability. As such, its characteristics aid to its quick movements at high speed. The robot is easy to programme with the majority of its functions utilizing the ABB IRB 5400 robot which have been known to produce identical results.

S4P+ controller

This is computerized software used to control industrial paint robots. It comes with computing power and advanced paint process functions. It is a powerful software system that brings movement and processing collectively and hence providing the robots installed with unseen general performance.

This software technology is distributed on a Compact Disc which also contains records, trail or routine illustrations and spare part listing. The software is installed from a PC using the easy to use Rob-Install program. The capability to keep a number of software structures together on the flash-disk makes software advancement secure and quick. The software also has 2 built-in Ethernet channels which allow easy servicing and networking in the factory.

This advanced software also comprises of the ABB’s special integrated processing parts. This system allows closed circular regulation at a fast rate and control for paint and air flowing modifications. As a result, this reduces over spraying occurrences, obtains an even film build, increasing the quality of the finish saving paint and solvents.  Therefore, the robot enables high excellence work as its end product while minimizing costs and being environment friendly.


Robot applications

Robot info

  • Axis: 6
  • Payload: 15 kg
  • V-Reach: 1200 mm
  • H-Reach: 1620 mm
  • Repeatability: ±0.15 mm
  • Robot Mass: 790 kg
  • Mounting: floor

Additional Robot Information
Robot Motion Range

  • Axis 1     ±300°
  • Axis 2     ±160°
  • Axis 3     ±150°
  • Axis 4     ±unl°
  • Axis 5     ±unl°
  • Axis 6     ±920°

Applications Robot

  • Material Handling
  • Painting Automation
  • Robotic Coating

Robot Controllers: S4P+

Robot Motion Speed

  • Axis 1     137 °/s (2.39 rad/s)
  • Axis 2     137 °/s (2.39 rad/s)
  • Axis 3     137 °/s (2.39 rad/s)
  • Axis 4     440 °/s (7.68 rad/s)
  • Axis 5     430 °/s (7.5 rad/s)
  • Axis 6     600 °/s (10.47 rad/s)
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