ABB IRB5400-03 rail

Robot details

This is a painting robot which has been found to have a clean – wall rail, reliable, fast and efficient. The IRB5400-03 rail is a rail version of the 5400 series painting robots with a larger working range compared to the IRB 5400. The robot is made flexible due to its unique hollow wrist making it suitable for applying high quality “class A” finishes to automotive bodies and large parts. In addition, this robot’s wrist design minimizes any contamination and at the same time allows straight via hose path and makes the paint hose last longer.

The machine is also fitted with ABB’s superior control technology, which helps in providing uniform film build, world-class appearance and high throughput. This means that the robot can provide for slim spray cubicle widths, less air handling and low energy necessities. Its rails make it fit for either new facilities and for retro-fits into existing spraying booth structures, plus, allowing for effortless combination into the spraying booth wall structure. The robot’s rail lengths can be supplied from range 1.5 meters and extend to 12 meters or longer depending on application.

The quality ABB’s Clean-Wall railing structure comprises of the ABB’s special integrated processing parts. This system allows closed circular regulation at a fast rate and control for paint and air flowing modifications. As a result, this reduces over spraying occurrences, obtains an even film build, increasing the quality of the finish saving paint and solvents.  Therefore, the robot enables high excellence work as its end product while minimizing costs and being environment friendly.

The robot is also made up of good commanding application apparatus from the ABB’s powerful software package for computer aided painting, including the Shop Floor Editor which allows for trouble-free controlling and tuning without interfering with production. This also includes dependable messaging software making it effortless to adjust to any painting requirement.

For high levels of operational reliability and reduced servicing costs, the robot has been fitted with worldwide Controller Platform, the S4P+ Controller.




Robot applications


Digital inputs/outputs           512/512   
Analog inputs/outputs    16/12   
Remote I/O  Interbus-S 64/64 
Allen Bradley RIO 128/128 
Profibus DP 128/128 
CC Link 128/128 
Serial Channels  RS-232, RS-422, RS-485   
Network Ethernet NFS/FTP 
RAP Robot Application protocol 
Factory Ware interface 
High speed IPS link 
Real Time Data Logger 
DDE Server
Diskette drive      3.5" MS-DOS format  
BaseWare OS Robot Operating System, multitasking   
Handling capacity   15 kg   
Number of axes  7  
Axis movements:     
Axis   Working range  Max. speed 
Rotation 300°  137°/s 
Vertical arm   160°  137°/s
Horizontal arm  150° 137°/s 
Inner wrist Unlimited 440°/s 
Wrist bend  Unlimited 430°/s 
Outer wrist  920°  600°/s
Pose accuracy   0.15 mm (Repeatability)    
Path accuracy  Ø 6 mm (+/- 3 mm)   
Rail system Length 2m, 3m, 3.5m, 4m, 4.5m, …   
Pose accuracy  0.1 mm (Repeatability)    
Velocity 1.5 m/s  
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