FANUC R-2000IB/250F

Robot details

Fanuc's R-2000iB/250F industrial robot model that gathers strength and speed has an extraordinary payload capacity of 250 kg. This robot can work in a variety of industries such as the automotive industry, manufacturing and palletizing. Its speed and strength combine to make it an excellent point welding robot. Equipped with R-30iA controller


Robot applications

Main specifications

Maximum Load of Robot: 250 kg
Number of axis: 6
Maximum horizontal reach: 2655 mm
Repeatability: ± 0.3 mm
Controller: R30iA

Motion range (°)

Axis J1: 360°
Axis J2: 136°
Axis J3: 357°
Axis J4: 720°
Axis J5: 250°
Axis J6: 720°

Maximum speed (°/s)

Axis J1: 95°/s
Axis J2: 85°/s
Axis J3: 88°/s
Axis J4: 120°/s
Axis J5: 120°/s
Axis J6: 190°/s

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