KAWASAKI UX150 C control

Robot details

The Kawasaki UX150 has adequate features to enable it exercise efficient performance in press tending, loading and unloading of parts, machining, adhesive bonding and other industrial applications. This is achieved through high speed, wide working envelope and space utilisation.

The device has a horizontal reach of 2850 mm which provides easy access to welding guns and placement of tools both far and near. Its strong and slim arms can comfortably manage weights of up to 150kg. Throughout this payload,   high acceleration and deceleration rates of the C controlled robot enable it to maintain an average impressive speed of   8.2 meters per second.  Complement these with the increased accuracy of   servo loop and digital servo control and you have the best machine ever.

While enhancing high productivity, the UX150 has a patented design that minimises footprint hence saving on floor space. It does all the work just with a footprint of   500mm x 500mm which also minimises dead zones.

Reliability is part and parcel of UX series robots. While maintaining a repeatability of 0.5mm, it takes an average of 5000 hours working after an initial maintenance before the next. The modular design and compatibility with common spare parts facilitates acquiring of components and conversance with fitting procedures. Lubrication is also simple because of easy reach to gears. This is a good way of saving costs while maximising production.       

Programming is also less demanding and safe through the use of high level "AS" language and automatic speed limitation in teaching mode. Online error logging and on screen diagnostics are available through the menu driven software. The manufacturer has also provided an E- stop button on multifunction panel controller   and over travel limits.  A light handheld pendant with customisable, multi-coloured touch screen also provides ergonomy.  

Kawasaki C series controller has a 32 bit microprocessor with RISC architecture. Up to 4000 instructions can be stored within and there is a PC card port that can support 4MB memory. Its 32/32 channel Input and output units of 24V direct current can be expanded to 128/128.   

Interraction with networks is enabled through various protocols including ControlNet, Ethernet, DeviceNet and other popular architectures. Allen Bradley Remote or ControlNet is also an option. Added options include Weld Serial Communication and SLOGIC (internal PLC).   

Robot applications

Robot Info:

  • Maximum payload: 150 Kg
  • Maximum horizontal reach: 2850 mm.
  • Repeatability: 0.5 mm
  • Controller: C

Robot Motion Speed:

  • Axis 1: 100º/sec
  • Axis 2: 100º/sec
  • Axis 3: 100º/sec
  • Axis 4: 125º/sec
  • Axis 5: 125º/sec
  • Axis 6: 200º/sec

Range of motion:

  • Axis 1: 360º
  • Axis 2: 135º
  • Axis 3: 209º
  • Axis 4: 560º
  • Axis 5: 250º
  • Axis 6: 720º
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