KAWASAKI ZT200S C controller

Robot details

In most factory settings, there is a lot of space in air that goes unutilised.  ZT200S is a shelf mount version of the ZX200S robot which has gained popularity for versatility and efficiency thanks to Kawasaki. Its unique positioning ability and small footprint enhances saving of factory floor space.

With high acceleration and decelerating ability, this device ensures that work is done at the desired pace. Loads weighing up to 200kg can be handled without any strain. This is made even better with the slim hand design which increases the working envelope while greatly limiting dead space. 

Extremely quick servo loop and all digital servo control also add quality to the system. All the machine's six axes achieve high rotation speeds with ultra high wrist torque and can wind up to 360 degrees.

ZT200S has good repeatability and minimum vibration due to availability of software that monitors performance to ensure path accuracy and long life. It also has relatively low power consumption and high up time. You can rest assured that your needs including press tending, loading and unloading of parts, machining, handling and among other duties will be done to your satisfaction.  

The teach pendant of C controller has a design to behold. Not only is it light thus good for carrying around, but it is also fitted with a large full colour Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) on a 7.2 inch touch panel which can easily be customised. Installation process is also very easy and convenient. Both low level and high end programming options (using "AS" language) are also available.


Robot applications

Axis 6: +-360º

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