KUKA KL1500/2 Linear track

Robot details

With lengths ranging from 2 to 15 meters, this 7th axis linear track is compatible with some KR C1 robots including KR30/2, KR45/2, KR60/2, KR125/2, KR150/2, KR200/2, KR125/3, KR150/3, KR200/3 and KR350/2. It is very simple to convert KUKA's six axis cabinet to a 7 axis one due to availability of materials.   

Robot applications

Nominal stroke Nominal stroke min. = 1 000 mm
Nominal stroke max. = 15 000 mm (larger nominal strokes on request)
Nominal lifting gradation 500 mm
Speed v max. = 1.45 m / s
Load mass carriage m = 440 kg
Mass carrier complete m = 345 kg / m
Mass load mT = robot with additional loads,

Number of carriages max. 4 carriages. A carriage can be coupled with a tender car.
Consoles min. 200 mm high max. 800 mm high
Staging 100 mm only for KR 30 to KR 210

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