KUKA KR 210-2

Robot details

This category provides you with a choice between three available versions depending on your arm reach and payload preferences KR 210-2 (2700 mm / 210 kg) , KR 210L180-2 (2900 mm 180 kg) , KR 210L150-2 (3100 mm / 150 kg). All of these have light but strong arms with high torque axes to ensure that timely work is done. 

A unique thing about KUKA - KR 210-2 is its high accuracy of 0.2 mm, better than what you expect from such a payload class. It is therefore the right machine to keep errors away in any industrial applications including machining, spot welding, handling and palletizing applications.

Having built on standard PC technology, automation tasks are made easy as it is also expandable enabling more than one robot to act together as a unit. While six external axes can be integrated in a system using an additional control cabinet, there are two slots in the basic cabinet provided to eliminate the need for an additional box in case only a small expansion is required. Play and plug functionality is provided for rapid start up.    

When it comes to maintenance and servicing this machine provides the best access to parts thereby facilitating corrections. The components of the controller are also standard thus facilitating interchange ability. Trouble shooting is also enhanced through both online means and data back up in floppy disks and CD-ROM.  

Robot applications

Robot Info

Maximum Load of Robot: 210/180/150 Kg
Maximum Reach: 2700/2900/3100 mm
Repeatability: 0.15
Controller: KR C2 Ed05

Axis Speed in º/s for the models: KR 210-2 / KR 210 L180-2 / KR 210 L150-2

Axis 1: 86º/s     (all 3 models)
Axis 2: 84º/s     (all 3 models)
Axis 3: 84º/s     84º/s     81º/s
Axis 4: 100º/s   (all 3 models)
Axis 5: 110º/s   (all 3 models)
Axis 6: 184º/s   (all 3 models)

Range of motion (Axis 1 to 6)

Axis 1: +- 185º
Axis 2: +0 to -146º
Axis 3: +155º to -119º
Axis 4: +-350º
Axis 5: +-125º
Axis 6: +-350º

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