KUKA KR 210-2K

Robot details

Being a shelf version of the KR 210 series, this machine retains the same speed and sturdiness of its predecessors. Its three available versions according to payload and arm reach combination are: KR 210-2K (3100 mm / 210 kg), KR 210L180-2K (3300 mm/ 180 kg) and KR 210L150-2K (3500 mm / 150 kg).   

The KR 210-2K has six high torque axes in addition to light arms which enhance speedy coverage of work envelope. Let all your machining, spot welding, handling and palletizing applications be done at light speed with 0.2 mm accuracy.

Making use of powerful KRC2 ed05 controller, an operator is provided with a large range of flexibility.  Automation tasks are further facilitated through available software packages while the standard PC based technology provides a friendly interface. 

The system is very compatible. To begin with, two slots are provided within the basic cabinet for external axes. Using an additional top mounted cabinet, six more axes can be integrated into the system. In addition, communication protocols for common bus systems are availed to facilitate remote operations.

Troubleshooting and servicing is also possible through the internet. Floppy disk and CD-ROM drives also store information to facilitate error detection.  Since standard parts are used in all KUKA robots, this makes them interchangeable hence facilitating their acquisition whenever replacement is necessary. Other features include plug and play functionality and safety concepts which enhance reliability and productivity of your system.  

Robot applications

Robot Info

Maximum Load of Robot: 210/180/150 Kg
Maximum Reach: 3100/3300/3500 mm
Repeatability: 0.15
Controller: KR C2 Ed05

Axis Speed in º/s for the models: KR 210-2K / KR 210 L180-2K / KR 210 L150-2K

Axis 1: 88º/s          (all 3 models)
Axis 2: 74º/s          (all 3 models)
Axis 3: 81º/s          79º/s      76º/s
Axis 4: 121º/s        (all 3 models)
Axis 5: 120º/s        (all 3 models)
Axis 6: 184º/s        (all 3 models)

Range of motion (Axis 1 to 6)

Axis 1: +- 185º
Axis 2: +70 to -120º
Axis 3: +155º to -119º
Axis 4: +-350º
Axis 5: +-125º
Axis 6: +-350º

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