KUKA KR 60-3

Robot details

This industrial robot is a heavy payload version which shares body dimensions with KR30-3 and KR45-3 versions. It is very fast and accurate with the ability to handle weights of 60 kg while maintaining 0.06 mm accuracy. Get your off-line Cad-Cam machining, general handling, polishing among other applications completed in the most timely and efficient manner.  

The KR60-3 is powered by a 2005 version of KR C2 with advanced features to make your programming experience not only easy but also enjoyable. Numerous software packages for common tasks are availed to save time in these processes while programming steps can also be stored. 

Expanding the system is very much possible. For instance, two extra slots are provided in the basic cabinet for anchoring of external axes while a clean connection for an additional cabinet can be made to accommodate 6 more axes.

The controller also provides easy access of parts for maintenance. While the components are made to last, they are also standard across the series to encourage conversance and ease acquisition in case a replacement is necessary. Remote servicing and trouble shooting via the internet is possible while crucial data is also backed up in floppy disks and CDs to enhance such processes.  

Other features include plug and play functionality for rapid start up, motion profile function for synchronisation of each motor with its velocity and numerous other ergonomic designs of the KUKA control panel. These make KR60-3 a suitable companion for handling, machining, loading and unloading of parts  


Robot applications

General specifications

  • Maximum Load of Robot: 60 Kg
  • Maximum horizontal arm reach: 2033 mm
  • Repeatability: 0.06 mm
  • Controller: KRC2 Ed05

Robot Motion Speed

  • Axis 1: 140º/s
  • Axis 2: 120º/s
  •  Axis 3: 140º/s
  •  Axis 4: 260º/s
  •  Axis 5: 245º/s
  •  Axis 6: 322º/s

Motion range

  •  Axis 1: +-185º
  •  Axis 2: +35º to -135º
  •  Axis 3: +158º to -120º
  •  Axis 4: +-350º
  •  Axis 5: +-119º
  •  Axis 6: +-350º
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