KUKA KR240-2 (L) krc2 controller

Robot details

Robot kuka kr240 / 2 standard with payload of 240kg for an extension of 2700mm.

With more extension:  2900mm for 210kg payload; 3100mm for 180kg paylaod

KUKA robots from the high payload range are particularly sought after for spot welding, handling and loading/unloading tasks. Their long reach and great flexibility make them indispensable partners.

Equipped with the modern KR C2 controller. The KR C2 robot controller makes programming easier with its Microsoft Windows interface. It is expandable, can be integrated into networks via a bus, and contains ready-made software packages.

It has krc2 controller: it's open, network-capable PC technology, with 2 free slots for external axes, DeviceNet and Ethernet slots for common bus systems (e.g. INTERBUS, PROFIBUS, DeviceNet) provided as standard, motion profile function for optimal interaction between the individual robot motors and their velocity, floppy disk and CD-ROM drives for data backup, facilities such as remote diagnosis via the Internet, simple operation and programming via KUKA Control Panel (KCP) with Windows user interface, Compact control cabinet and ergonomic KUKA Control Panel (KCP)

Robot applications

Robot Info:

  • Maximum Load of Robot: 150/180/210Kg.
  • Maximum Reach: 2700/2900/3100 mm.
  • Repeatability: 0.15-0.2 mm.
  • Controller: KR C2 under Windows XP

Robot Motion Speed:

  • Axis 1: 105º/seg
  • Axis 2: 110º/seg
  • Axis 3: 95º/seg
  • Axis 4: 170º/seg
  • Axis 5: 170º/seg
  • Axis 6: 238º/seg

Robot Applications:

  • Machining
  • Machine tending
  • Polishing, grinding and deburring
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