Robot details

After the KR 500 and KUKA Titan, the KR 360 follows as one of the highest payload robots with ability to bear weights of 240 to 360 kg.

Equipped with KRC2 Ed05 controller, the robot is flexible enough to meet variety of user requirements. Assembled with standard PC technology, a user friendly interface with versatile customising approaches gives the best programming experience. Software packages for common simple and complex tasks which are also available to save time.     

Two more axes can be integrated in the system without need for an additional cabinet. For up to six extra axes, a top mount cabinet which still saves on space and is easy to connect. Strong communication between different systems in the robot provides good coordination of movements and enhances speed.  

Maintenance of the control panel is simple as the parts are highly accessible and interchangeable. Internet servicing and monitoring is also an important feature while data back up in CD-ROM and floppy disks also gives added advantage. Generally, the safety concept of this system is highly advanced and this promotes both reliability and durability.   


Robot applications

Robot Info

    Maximum Load of Robot: 350/280/240 Kg
    Maximum Reach: 2826/3076/3326 mm
    Repeatability: 0,25 mm
    Controller: KR C2

Robot Motion Speed

    Axis 1: 89º/s
    Axis 2: 89º/s
    Axis 3: 93º/s
    Axis 4: 109º/s
    Axis 5: 112º/s
    Axis 6: 157º/s

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