Robot details

KR 500 Fortec industrial robot powerful and efficient thanks to the advanced technology of KUKA. Has a variety of versions for different heavy duty applications. In the Machine-Tooling version it is perfect for milling and as a variant Foundry, it is ideal for the foundry industry. Is characterized by its precision in the manipulation of heavy elements, minimum maintenance and low costs.


Robot applications

Main features

Maximum Load of Robot:500 kg

Number of axis: 6

Maximum horizontal reach: 2825 mm

Repeatability: ±0,08 mm

Controller: KR C4

Axis working range

Axis 1:± 185°

Axis 2: 20°/-130°

Axis 3:144°/-100°

Axis 4:±350°

Axis 5: ±120°

Axis 6: ±350°

Speed with rated payload

Axis 1:90°/s

Axis 2:80°/s

Axis 3:75°/s

Axis 4:90°/s

Axis 5: 83°/s

Axis 6: 130°/s


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