KUKA KR510 R3080

Robot details

Thanks to KUKA's cutting-edge technology, the KR 510 industrial robot is strong and effective. has a multitude of variations for various heavy-duty applications. It is great for milling in the Machine-Tooling version, and as a variation Foundry, it is perfect for the foundry sector. is distinguished by its cost-effectiveness, minimal maintenance requirements, and accuracy in handling large elements.

This is a KR C4 controller, the latest from kuka, and has the characteristics of safety and flexibility.

This revolutionary technology from KUKA incorporates security control, robot control, motion control, logic control and process control into a common database to improve intelligence sharing. The KR C4 is also easy to control thanks to the improved accessibility of the parts purified the concepts of predecessors to promote conversation. The range of commands has also been expanded to increase flexibility while application packages for tasks have been augmented with editing capabilities.

With its open PC technology, this system is highly compatible with KR C2 programs. Data consistency is ensured through basic services with enhanced real-time communication between dedicated processes. Network security software also offers greater protection for communication via Ethernet.

The controller is very small and can be positioned in a shelf underneath the robot.

Robot applications


  • axes: 6
  • Payload: 510 kg
  • Maximum extension: 3076 mm
  • repeatability: 0.08 mm 
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