Robot details

The KUKA features:

I. A 25% reduction in robot volume results in reduced space requirements and improved reachability – even in tight corners. Moreover, this is combined with denser installations and improved mounting options. The advantages: minimum space requirements and maximum productivity.

II. Optimal process results: the stiffer mechanical system, improved motion characteristics, shorter cycle times and increased path accuracy ensure top performance. The advantages: enormous power and simple operation.

III. KR C4 - Newest Kuka controller

Robot applications

Basic data

    Maximum Load of Robot: 90 Kg

    Maximum horizontal reach: 3100 mm

    Repeatability: 0.06 mm

    Controller: KR C4

Robot motion speed

    Axis 1: 123º/s

    Axis 2: 115º/s

    Axis 3: 120º/s

    Axis 4: 292º/s

    Axis 5: 258º/s

    Axis 6: 284º/s

Motion Range

    Axis 1: ±185°

    Axis 2: -5°/-140°

    Axis 3: +120°/-155°

    Axis 4: ±350°

    Axis 5: ±125°

    Axis 6: ±350°

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