FANUC LRmate 200iD R30iB controller

Robot details

Industrial Robot of the LR Mate series introduces the LR Mate 200iD multipurpose robot ideal for several industrial applications of high productivity and versatility handling short cycle times with very advanced servo technology and high rigidity arm, can work in narrow or difficult areas access. Degree of protection IP67 standard and outstanding quality FANUC. It works by R30iB controller.

Robot applications

Main specifications

Maximum Load of Robot: 7 Kg
Number of axis: 6
Maximum horizontal reach: 717 mm
Repeatability: ± 0.018 mm Based on 

Controller: R-30iB

Motion range (°)

Axis 1: 360°
Axis 2: 245°
Axis 3: 420°
Axis 4: 380°
Axis 5: 250°
Axis 6: 720°

Maximum speed (°/s)

Axis 1: 450°/s
Axis 2: 380°/s
Axis 3: 520°/s
Axis 4: 550°/s
Axis 5: 545°/s
Axis 6: 1000°/s

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