Milling robotic cell

We can offer a complete turnkey solution for milling projects:

In the cell is included the following:

  • KUKA KR240 or KR210 with a KRC2ed05 controller, totally refurbished by our expert KUKA technicians
  • A spindle with automatic tool changer, air or water cooled
  • Basic set of tools of 5 bits and 5 cones that would allow you to do almost any jobs
  • A tool holder station with sensors and calibration tool
  • Complete Sprutcam Robot Licence (
  • Installation, basic training for KUKA robot operator, introduction to Sprutcam training

Extra :

  • Turning table up to 1 Ton for 9,900€
  • KUKA KR360L280 instead of the KR240 for 9,000€
  • Slider up to 12mt

The outcome is a cell that it would be easy to use, with best quality components and with reasonable price.
This same system can be used, with small changes, as a CNC plasma cutting machine (2D or 3D) with an incredible big area of work. 
Today you can enter into the robotic world with the minimum investment.

The system it is now offered at the special price :  49,800€  for Foam and Wood or 64,500€  for Marble

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