Robot details

This Motoman Yaskawa robot is EPX1250: it is ideal for automotive and other industrial coating applications. Offers superior performance and creates smooth, consistent finish with outstanding efficiency for painting and dispensing applications. Broadest motion range in its class; proven effective in painting multiple small parts simultaneously, as well as items such as instrument panels and headlamp assemblies.

Robot applications

Robot Info:

  • Maximum Load of Robot: 5Kg.
  • Maximum Horizontal Reach:  1256mm.
  • Maximum Vertical Reach: 1852mm
  • Repeatability: 0,03 mm.
  • Controller: NX100

Robot Motion Range:

  • Axis 1: ±170° (wall mounted: ±60°)
  • Axis 2: +120°/-65°
  • Axis 3: +205°/-165°
  • Axis 4: ±190°
  • Axis 5: ±145°
  • Axis 6: ±360°

Maximum Speed :

  • S-Axis (Turning/Sweep): 185°/s
  • L-Axis (Lower Arm): 185°/s
  • U-Axis (Upper Arm): 185°/s
  • R-Axis (Wrist Roll): 360°/s
  • B-Axis (Bend/Pitch/Yaw):410°/s
  • T-Axis (Wrist Twist): 500°/s

Robot Applications:

Paint cell

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