Motoman GP25

Robot details

The MOTOMAN GP25 is a 6-axis industrial robot that can handle up to 25 kg of payload. It has a 1730 mm reach and a ± 0.02 mm repeatability, making it ideal for assembly, handling, CNC tending, or packaging tasks. The MOTOMAN GP25-12 has a 12 kg payload and a larger 2010 mm reach with a ± 0.03 mm repeatability. Both robots have a sleek design that saves space and allows easy integration of grippers or sensors. The cables are routed inside the arm and enter from the side of the pedestal, avoiding external media packages and interference contours. The MOTOMAN GP25/GP25-12 robots are compatible with the MOTOMAN YRC1000 controller, which offers many functions and can be operated with the conventional teach pendant or the innovative SmartPendant. The standard robots have an IP67 protection rating (wrist), and other variants are available for specific applications, such as food, corrosion, or cleanroom.


• Flexible, fast and powerful

• Large working range: 1730 with 25 kg payload and 2010 mm with 12kg pyalod 

• Reduced interference contours due to optimized design

• Simple commissioning and maintenance

Robot applications

Robot Specifications

Axes: 6
Payload: 25kg
H-Reach: 1730mm
Repeatability: ±0.02mm
Controller: YRC1000


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