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With a spherical work envelope, this six axis robot is a good choice for 12 kg payload applications ranging from assembling of parts, to handling, to machining, to loading and unloading of parts.   The arms are also light and thereby increasing speed and providing a good accuracy of 0.03 mm.  

Staubli RX130 can operate in any environments including harsh conditions with its fully enclosed IP65 arm. It takes the least footprint and utilises maximum space. 

The robot is driven by IP64 protection grade CS7B controller which has   dimensions of 1000 x 690 x 800 mm.  The teach pendant has a joystick and it has AWC II 68040, or 25MHz CPU with a 32 MB RAM. Secondary storage is possible through flash disk and floppy disk technology. Integrated vision, sensor of effort and air conditioning is also available. The system can interact with other networks through Ethernet link that has TCP/ IP and Near Field communication.  Other features include:

- Bus VME MV5 ou MV10

-1 Device Net link: 3 charts (that comes with MV5 or 8 charts combined MV10)

-32 E/32 S digital charts

Robot applications

General technical specifications

    * Payload: 12 Kg
    * Max. arm reach: 1250 mm
    * Accuracy in repetition: 0,03 mm
    * Control: CS7B

Robot Motion Speed

    * Axis 1: 203º/s
    * Axis 2: 185º/s
    * Axis 3: 250º/s
    * Axis 4: 400º/s
    * Axis 5: 320º/s
    * Axis 6: 580º/s

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