Quality - Price

UsedRobotsTrade sells refurbished robots of high quality at competitive prices. 

We have earned the trust of our clients, because our service is different. We sell many robots every year, thanks to  our attention to the needs of the client,  competitive prices and  fast operations.

To be more precise:

  1. Quality - Price: UsedRobotsTrade sells used robots of high quality at competitive prices. Our company deals only with the best brands in the market, such as KUKAABBFanuc,MotomanKawasaki and many others.
  2. Robots integration: UsedRobotsTrade can help you in finding the best robot integrator in your country.
  3. Robots Refurbishment: UsedRobotsTrade reconditioning process is a standard process. The robots go though different testing stations such as Eletrical, Mechanical, Painting,oil change and Packaging. The robots are fully tested, giving to every client a 100% satisfaction in their purchase of a used robot.
  4. UsedRobotsTrade’s customer service by far exceeds the standard and do not limit itself to the sale. In fact, in many occasions, our clients have become our partners.  We will assist you as soon as you will require our help.

We understand that every new business idea must come with a few challenges and when you decide to intergrate robot systems in your company, you will face some disadvantages on top of the many advantages. Before, you buy an automatic robot, consider your needs and the facts about the systems.

Robots are made for different jobs  and they include:

Repetitive and unexciting jobs

Jobs such as welding or painting in big production companies, cleaning offices and houses are most suitable for robots. They are usually boring and human beings will lose interest and ignore some points.

Risky jobs

Robots can safely do risky jobs such as handling explosive substances, removing radioactive waste and application of military applications.

Jobs that require extreem speed

To do some jobs at a high speed, ensure accuracy and lower costs, robots are the best option. These jobs include assembling electronic devices such as computers and mobile phones.

Inacessible places

Places such as sea bottom and other planets are not accessible by human beings and therefore, robots are the only reliable options.

Education, reserach and entertainment purpose

Education instututions have discovered robots are effective in teaching some science aspects in universities and colleges. They are also used used for various fun activities and entertaining people.

Robots have completely changed our businesses and lives as a whole.  Nowdays, products could be manufactured in considerable numbers in a very short period of time, its overall cost is significantly lower and, most importantly, its QUALITY is the best. Used robots are affodable to many people.  Robots are now universal with more than 800,000 robot systems and millions of various robot kits used in entertainment and research around the world. 

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