SprutCam Software

Robot details

SprutCam is the software that enables the development of mathematics in robotic milling. It is essential to have this type of readout as nothing can be realised in three dimensions without it. 

The SprutCAM Robot kinematic scheme library includes a wide range of robots from all major manufacturers. For example: Fanuc; KUKA, Staubli, Yaskawa, Motoman, Toshiba, Mitsubishi, Nachi, ABB and many more.

In addition, standard templates allow for the rapid creation of custom kinematic schemes for robots and robotic cells.

Roughing toolpaths:

parallel, equidistant, high-speed, adaptive roughing, roughing plane, roughing rotary machining, hole machining, and many more.

Finishing toolpaths:

finishing waterline, plane, scallop (3D constant step-over), morph, rotary machining, 5D surfacing.

Contouring toolpaths:

2D, 3D, and 5D contouring.

Special toolpaths:

Stone roughing, welding, heat treatment, sculpture milling.

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Robot applications

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