Fanuc Spare parts

Leakage breaker 20A A05B-2452-H082

robot cable CE 14m a05b-2453-h241

R2000iA-165F mechanical unit a05b-1324-b203

6 axis robot - electromechanical unit R2000iA-165F with a payload of 165 kg and a horizontal arm reach of 2650 mm

6 axis control R-j3ib A05B-2453-h010

Control cabinet r-j3iB for the 6 axis Fanuc industrial robot R2000iA-165F

power supply unit a05b-2450-h090

4-slot back plane a05b-2450-h061

from-sram mdule 32mb-3mb a05b-2450-h037

6 axis servo card A05B-2450-H020

R-j3iB cpu card 16m sdram A05B-2450-H011

r-j3ib main board A05B-2450-H001

Transformer 7.5 A0kva A05B-2452-H272

Teach pendant cable 10 m A05B-2452-H260

Operator panel A05B-2452-224

Redundant E-stop unit C471 A05B-2452-H181

FANUC J4 REDUCER A97L-0218-0281#70F

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