ABB IRB 1400 M94A

Robot details

 This complete CO2 arc welding robot cell comprises of:

-ABB IRB 1400 6 axis industrial robot, 1,5 m arm reach , 6 kg payload.
-Version M94A S4 Controller, welding software included.
-Double servocontrolled positioner, operated as an additional 7th axis of the robot.
This positioner is for applications requiring two stations - loading/ unloading and welding - and where the work piece has to be rotated about one axis. The rotation is fully coordinated with the robot to ensure high quality and maximum welding speed.
The IRBP K is suitable for fixtures and work pieces up to 4 000mm (models 500K and 750K).
-Aristorb ESAB 500 Amperes Power welding equipment
-Torch cleaning set
-Binzel welding torch with anticollision, external wire feeder and hoses

Robot applications

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