ABB IRB 1400 M94A arc welding cell with MHA 160R positioner

Robot details

Complete arc welding cell consisting of a 6 axis IRB1400M94A robot with a H shape positioner, servocontrolled by the S4 cabinet. Automatic loading and unloading station, ESAB Aristorobot 500A power source and cleaning station.

1800 mm from head to tail of the positioner.

ABB arc welding software 2.0 installed in the robot computer.

The ABB IRB 1400 M94A is a fast, reliable, and affordable, making it the perfect choice for any arc welding application or handling of small parts. The S4 controller enables RAPID instruction to shorten programming times.

The ABB IRB 1400 robot is a compact, fast and flexible robot designed primarily for welding gluing, sealing and light pick and place work. Other applications include sputtering, metal coating, milling, de burring, grinding, machine tending, plastics and many others. The robot has an excellent reputation as a reliable and productive machine - over 14,000 have been installed. The arm design is well balanced, durable and has remained virtually unchanged for over 15 years, a testament to how well it was specified in the first place. A sucessor to the well respected IRB 1500 the 1400 continued with ABB's modular arm philosopy meaning that any maintainace can be completed very quickly. The arm is remarkable for it's simplicity and reliability, for example there are no cable chains and axis 5 and 6 are belt then shaft driven meaning that the wrist can be kept very compact which is very useful for welding applications etc.

Robot applications

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