ABB IRB 2400 M2004 tandem two robots - 1 x IRC5 controller

Robot details

The IRB 2400 M2004 is a powerful, 2 armed robot controlled by a single cabinet. With the two arms working simultaneously, the robot is bound to get more tasks done in the shortest time possible. The robot is 6-axis with an arm’s reach of up to 1550mm. The robot is also equipped with the IRC5 controller system whose motion control technology comprising of TrueMove and QuickMove has been known to improve accuracy and performance of any machine built with it.

The robot is a latest version guaranteed to provide the best accuracy and outstanding performance in handling objects, working on machines and process functions. It also offers the buyer good profits due to its fast delivery rate.

The IRB 2400 is reliable due to its efficiency in industrial work. This is because its makeup and use of few parts allows it to be highly reliable plus low maintenance. It is also fast with short number of cycles due to its unique motion control. This also enables the machine to remain accurate and consistent while performing repetitive functions. It’s a strong, vigorous machine found suitable in harsh production environments. Most importantly, it is flexible and easy to connect with other machines.


Robot applications

Robot Info 

   Maximum Load of Robot: 20 Kg.
    Maximum Reach: 1550 mm.
    Repeatability: 0,15 mm.
    Controller: IRC5 M2004 tandem - 1 controller for 2 robot arms

Robot Motion Speed

    Axis 1: 150º/s
    Axis 2: 150º/s
    Axis 3: 150º/s
    Axis 4: 360º/s
    Axis 5: 360º/s
    Axis 6: 450º/s

Robot applications

    Arc welding
    Material handling

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