ABB IRB 4400L30 M98

Robot details

The ABB 4400L30 is the long armed version of the IRB4400 with 2432 mm horizontal arm reach. It is an extremely fast robot suitable for medium and heavy handling with unique capabilities making it ideal for a variety of manufacturing responsibilities.

With a loading capacity of up to 30 kg at an incredibly high rate due to its capability of handling two items at a time, the robot also has the S4C controller and RAPID instructions in its make-up making its programming easier.

Its strong, rigid body provides a well balanced posture meaning long intervals between routine maintenance.  The robot also has high levels of reliability and long intervals between routine maintenance contributed by it’s firmly build arms made of steel to provide good balance. It also comes with a gear box provided for free to assist during cabling and maintenance. 

Most importantly, the robot’s make up allows the use of power in low consumption hence saving money during production.

Robot applications

Robot Info:

  • Maximum Load of Robot: 30 Kg
  • Maximum Reach: 2432 mm.
  • Repeatability: 0,1 mm.
  • Controller: M97A-M98A-M99 S4C.

Robot Motion Speed:

  • Axis 1: 150º/seg
  • Axis 2: 120º/seg
  • Axis 3: 120º/seg
  • Axis 4: 225º/seg
  • Axis 5: 250º/seg
  • Axis 6: 330º/seg
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