Swifti CRB 1300, an industrial collaborative robot from ABB, combines speed and precision with a payload capacity of up to 11 kg. It can be used for a wide range of production and product handling tasks, such as picking and placing objects in specific locations and palletising.

The Swifti CRB 1300, a cobot from ABB, is up to six times faster than comparable robots in its class and has a high payload and degree of accuracy. It can be used by small and large manufacturers looking for automated collaborative solutions to increase flexibility and production. It has a premium design, is backed by industry professionals and outperforms rival cobots in terms of production efficiency by up to 44%.

Swifti is the best choice for activities that demand consistent accuracy and reproducibility because of its speed and performance, enabling it to process up to 13 cases per minute. It is up to five times more accurate than other cobots in its class thanks to ABB‘s OmniCore C30 and C90XT controller.

The Swifti CRB 1300 model is perfect for machine tending applications, offering a maximum speed of 6.2 m/s, payload options from 7 kg to 11 kg, and dust and moisture protection up to IP67. It can be used for palletising, pick and place operations, assembly and bolting.

With a built-in safety laser scanner and ABB’s SafeMove collaborative safety software, the Swifti CRB 1300 puts operator safety first. The Swifti’s work area will automatically slow down or stop if the laser scanner detects a worker. Movement will resume when the person moves away, resuming full speed for full productivity only after the work area has been completely cleared.

SafeMove software add-ons make scanner integration easy, and workers can quickly set up a safe work zone and other safety measures using the program. When a worker is present in the work zone, an integrated interaction status light provides a visual indicator of the cobot’s status.

The load capacity of the ABB Swifti CRB 1300 cobot ranges from 0.5 to 11 kg. The user can personally configure the robot by guiding it through a procedure or by using ABB’s new Wizard Simple Programming software. Wizard For those who are not robotics experts, Simple Programming makes programming accessible. The YuMi one- and two-arm robots, the GoFa CRB 15000 and the Swifti CRB 1100 industrial collaborative robot are available alternatives that are part of a broader portfolio of cobots.

According to Andrea Cassoni, general manager of ABB’s Global General Industrial Robotics, our customers are turning to robotic automation to make their processes more flexible, efficient and robust, helping to combat labour shortages by enabling their people to perform higher value-added work. The new member of the SWIFTI family is a high-precision, high-payload cobot that is up to six times faster than other robots in its class. Reaching new levels of flexibility and efficiency, it can be used by both SMEs and large enterprises looking for automated collaborative solutions.

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